In my blog, Carbon Based, I sample the protean variety of climate change adaptation, as defined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The topics include water, agriculture, floods, extreme weather, disasters, forest fires, sea level rise, infectious diseases, ecological stress, computer modeling, land use, resilience, paleoclimatology, developing countries, indigenous people, scientific research, insurance, and finance. I also explore psychological and sociological aspects of climate instability.

I‘m under no illusion that my posts present a comprehensive treatment of climate change adaptation. Carbon Based presents one person‘s point of view, evolving day by day. I don‘t believe that objectivity is possible in such a judgment-laden task. (Surely a better informed observer would place the emphasis differently!) Still, I am paying attention to the whole field, and in such a highly varied subject matter, one person‘s synoptic view can have value as a starting point.

Daily blogging has sharpened my awareness that I am probably not paying attention to the most significant topics. Indeed, one theme of my selections on psychological topics is how badly everyone including myself judges risk. I hope my readers will help steer me on a truer course.